We are a heavy roleplaying guild with daily guild and individual RP, our goal is to help expand member's individual RP and to continue developing the Ironwolf lore through RP campaigns! We accept all orcs/mag'har orcs looking to be a part of our orc exclusive clan whether you are new to roleplay or not. Our goal since day one has been to help create more roleplay by making it readily available, and to help people within our community better their abilities and knowledge on orc roleplay and roleplay in general.

We can proudly say our clan has been alive for five years and it is still running!



2019 - The dishonorable acts of the "Dark Lady" forced the Ironwolf clan to take their own path, after becoming part of the resistance, Kur'gosh was caught and accused of treason against the Warchief. He paid the price, but kept his honor. His last act as a leader of the Ironwolf was to pass the leadership to the second orc in the chain.

"Ironwolves, this is your clan. This is your story, your choice and your decisions taken as a pack what will write the next chapter of this book. We've won this battle, we can now stand proud and scream to the sky we haven't lost our honor in these dark times led by The Banshee Queen. Raise your weapons to yell LOK'TAR OGAR! The story isn't over though. Enjoy the little peace before the next storm. ROKKA MOKKA GO!" -Myr