Clan's Elemental spirits

The spirit of water


Torrentus was the first voice to be heard by the shamans of the Ironwolf. He was bound by the shackles of malaise, his waters twisted and poisoned by seething hatred and volatile magics. Together with Cinderon, the pair boiled the waters of Ashenvale and Stonetalon, even spreading into the regions of Azshara and Darkshore, where the coastal tides bubbled and churned to cast a gaseous fog that slowly crept back inland, devouring flora and fauna alike. After the Clan freed him by destroying corrupted totems holding him in place, he was quick to disperse himself, taking it upon himself to cool the waters of the surrounding regions, and feed fresh water into their rivers and lakes once more. Torrentus came to the Clan later, once the Forsaken and their vile plans to decimate the forest scape were thwarted, offering his healing rains to soothe and rejuvenating both Stonetalon, Ashenvale and the orcs who try to protect it


The spirit of Fire


Cinderon was the second regional elemental to give the shamans of the Ironwolf his name. After the bonds of servitude had been broken, allowing the elemental to escape from twisting corruptive magics of invading Forsaken, it was revealed that the elemental was of a higher status among his fiery kin, being a Duke of his corresponding elemental plane. After giving his name to the Clan to call upon, he pledged his guardianship over Ironwolf territory, and there his influence would grow and be most powerful. To show his gratitude -- with an admonishing and boastful presence -- Cinderon bestowed the Clan an elemental core to heat their forges with living flame, a mere spark of the Duke’s power.


The spirit of Earth


In the mountains of Azshara, a tauren shaman called Kay'nit Rockhoof, had been kidnapped and held captive. Against his will he was forced by those of the Dark Ranger to subjugate the earth in the region, less significant manifestations of stone seeming to sputter and collapse.The Clan charged that day to corner and subdue this group once and for all, accompanied by Cinderon to rain fire down over their foes, and Torrentus to mend their wounds. While it took time for the land to move, when his bonds were freed, like a landslide, did he deface the mountain slopes with earth and fury behind his strength. He buried the remaining forces of the Dark Ranger (Al'thenis Darksky) leading the splinter group on the mountain. Stalagmar not only broke his own prison, but the tauren’s who was initially responsible for placing him in it -- using the Clan’s strength to revitalize the earthen spirit


The spirit of the Wind


Zephyria was the last elemental the shamans of Ironwolf heard, as her storms whirled and raged across Darkshore, deafening all with the screams of her violent winds. Al’thenis Darksky and the last of his acolytes lured the Clan into a dark meadow where he surrounded them all in shadow. Caught in this web of black magic, the Clan’s numbers quickly thinned. When all seemed lost, Cinderon, Torrentus and Stalagmar marched through Ashenvale to Darkshore, and stood together, aiding the Clan, giving them a breath of a chance, but this union still struggled. Finally, from the eye of the storm came a gentle voice, a stark contrast to the screaming violent storm, and with this came her name. The name was spoken, and combined in harmony, the four elemental spirits prevailed over this shadow, manifesting before the Clan once the storm subsided. Each pledged themselves in order, including Zephyria herself, thus becoming the Clan’s Four Facets