Running Wolf

All orcs are natural born survivors, and each Ironwolf is no different, however, some orcs dedicate their lives to the art of the hunt. Cunning patient predators who stalk through shadow, often accompanied by beast or the solitude of their own thoughts, these orcs track down their prey with tenacious wit and enact swift ends, whether by arrow or cold steel. They are the scouts of the clan


Blessed Walker

Beastmasters, Wild Guards, Shadowsworn/Tactician, Groundskeepers.

They're keen, sneaky, the most accurate orcs of the clan. Kal'ragh are good,  versatile fighters in short and long distances. Some of them work alone, some others with the company of their loyal beasts. Higher ranks than wo'ragh, they have proven to hunt whatever prey they choose, their strategies are the difference between a successful hunt or a possible retreat.