Behind the enemy lines

The band of Void Cultists, led by the infamous void entity, Voidmonger, are acting as a spearhead of a raid. Their mission: To overrun a nearby newly operational Alliance and Horde coalition hideout led by a General Sunwalker and a Field Marshal of the Alliance.

The void cultists are led by some of Voidmonger’s best troops and regiments. The leaders’ objective is to push back the enemy force and to capture as many as possible.

Rarm Kinslayer, the newest notable entity among the ranks, has been extremely close to Voidmonger. Kinslayer has been keeping himself deep within Blackfathom Deeps making demands that Monger has been quick to see to reality. Void Priests, Summonets, Knowledge holders and the like have been ordered to be collected and placed by Rarm’s side.

Recently Rarm has been demanding something more.. Something that brought indecisiveness to the void ranks, for any of the cultists would be chosen, Sacrifices.

The party will make their way to the den of the unknown entity... On the walls written in blood and the language of the void, would be written, “The Caw Will Announce a New Master.” The party will arrive at the depths of Blackfathom Depths, where Aku’Mai was once almost summoned into this realm. Voidmonger would be leaning on the walls further in watching everything that will occur...

Rarm would be found in the center of the cavern with an altar and Void Priests around making a chant. In front would be the newest of slaves and the party that brought them. From the ceiling hung the mutilated bodies and severed humanoid pieces. Both Void and Non-Void would be scattered about the remains. The ground littered in entrails and dried blood. A pair of decorated daggers would be found on the altar and the Stave of Blood in Rarm’s hand.

A ritual would be held for all to see... All the slaves would be torn apart by abyssal tendrils breaking through the ground. Their essence would be absorbed in the stave.. Rarm would look about the room and at the weapons.. “Hpmh.. Rarm needs more! MORE!.. CAW!.. Ca-..CAW!”

Gripping the stave... He looks at the party members.

A bubble of blood would surround Rarm and the Priests... The insides would grow darker as the muffled screams of the priest fill the cavern.. The bubble hardens and slowly shrinks till it is only the size of an orc.. The bubble erupts suddenly...

The only thing standing is Rarm Kinslayer with the stave nowhere in sight and the altar shattered across the ground. The bodies of the priests and Harkuun are nowhere to be found. A newly acquired pair of weapons would be held by the orc? Twin daggers that emanate the pair of the void and blood. A giant pair of wings would be protruding from his back.. These wings would be created from flowing blood that dripped to the ground below.

-Ookthron // Rarm

Endeaun Scranton, a willing sacrifice for a cause much greater than himself & Maibaulz, another willing sacrifice for the greater mission.


Yet the orc was rejected by Rarm.