Brand new Website!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I'm more than glad to announce that we have a whole new site! For the New blood, and for the Old Tusks we have! Here's a little summary of all the new features you can find here:

-Blog with the last news of the clan. Events and important stuff that happens either In-game and in our ic-stronghold channel, on Discord!

-Ranks have been added to this site! I know, they're a bunch of Orcish words, but Don't worry! Everything is explained in Stronghold > Ranks.

-Elements. After a long time and hard work, we freed the four elements what were being tortured by Sylvanas' loyalists. They're now available for the clan, if used correctly they can aid us, in battle, in the forge, or any other task.

-Artwork. Ooooohhh yeah! We have now a place to show off our art! Members just need to submit and they will be all there!

-Clan Heirlooms. What is a clan without heirlooms? Exactly! Now it's everything on this site for everyone to read.

New Titles and Rewards

We are keeping our previous "Champion" title for the winner of the Monthly Mak'rogahn, however, this will be a title instead of a rank.

"Den Mother" is now a title as well, given to the person in charge of the news and different tasks in "the den".

"Kor'kron", a title given to the best and trustworthy orcs who want to become the Chief's elite/personal guards.

"Fang council" has been removed. The council are now Kogh'osh, and they're under the Farseer's command.