Peacetimes had finally come to the Ironwolf clan, but is anything ever truly as it seems?

Chieftain Myrshani called the clan to gather in the stronghold with hopes of good spirits, good fights, and good drink. The night began as any among the wolves, with Hopeful Manghi squaring off against Howler Drakhtan in a friendly spar.

Once Drakhtan stood victorious and the mood of all present lightened, Myr announced that the Warchief Sylvanas had been ousted and the wolves were free to roam Orgrimmar again! Free of watchful eyes and daggers in the dark, free of undead skulking their perimeters, free of-

That's when the gates of the Stronghold fell with a resounding crash. The wolves were left blinded and stunned in the aftermath, and from the chaos their old enemy Dark Ranger Al'thenis Darksky emerged. He anounced his intentions to take the Ironwolves down with him if he and the Dark Lady he served were meant to fall, and the wolves accepted that challenge with fangs and weapons bared. His archer rained arrows on the clan while they engaged the Dark Ranger, but the combined might of the pack dispatched both... though not without sustaining injuries of their own.

Myr led her haggard and wounded clan through the gates where they faced a catapult manned by rogue goblins, and the clan dealt with them as swiftly as they had the more daunting threats. With the chaos at a wrap, the wolves were free to lick their wounds and plan the rebuilding of their gates. The decision was made to try and salvage the catapult that had caused the destruction, and the celebrations would sadly have to wait. Regardless, the Ironwolves stood triumphant! The day, the battle, and the war were won! Lok'tar!