Spiders at Sunset!

While entertaining some lovely guests, the Ironwolf Clan spotted a suspicious, sneaky, shape-shifting spy! Giving chase to this amorphous antagonist, our large party of heroes was ambushed by a terrible trio of tremendous Furbolg tanks! These hostile harassers were swiftly dealt with, only for our brave adventurers to discover that they had slain three (needlessly aggressive) refugees from a slaughtered village. In their haste to put distance between the butchers and themselves, the three bearmen had decided to shove our dozen heroes into the bloodbath to save their own pelts.

Our raid group investigated the battleground, which was in such chaos it could no longer be called a village. Finding only a single survivor, who was healed to his prime by the pure skill of our lovely guests, the team was exploded on by young spiderlings that had been incubating within nearby cadavers! Wave after wave fell, with more arachnids joining the fray, even as yet another wandering druid leapt to aid the allied forces! Eventually the settlement fell quiet once more, all bodies reduced to unrecognizableness, save for one in the field.

Yet another trio of terrors ambushed us around the ursine corpse, quickly burying and conflagrating three of our friends! After much stabbing and beating, it was discovered that these final three opponents were in fact trees! No wait, elven druids who could shape themselves as trees! These kaldorei had given themselves over to their rage and vengeance that had been festering within for millennia. Those born immortal are not born perfect, it seems. Rather than allow themselves to be captured, the elves attempted to flee away towards a rather dense patch of forest to the south.

Catching their breath, the brave investigators of the day look on towards more battle and answers.