"Steel yourselves, pack"

The Ironwolf Clan had been harassed by the forces of Felblade, enduring one attack after another, doing their best to defend the place they call home. Many grunts have been killed in the name of the clan, meanwhile the rest of their warriors had little time to recover before the next wave. Even their ancestors don't seem to respond anymore, at least... not all of them.

Their spirits have been lost to... the void? The nothingness?All they know is about the self-proclaimed "Lords of Cinder", children of Felblade who have their main base somewhere in Maldraxxus, or that's what they yelled the last time they stepped in the Ironwolf stronghold.

One of those "Lords of Cinder" had been caught and made prisoner in one of the towers, but at the cost of losing another member, Jorrog who is now missing.Some children of Felblade have proved to be honorable, Ulna and Jerr'osh are now Ironwolf allies and roam around the stronghold aiding with whatever they can, although they will refuse to accept any sign of kindness from the clan.

"They're unworthy", they say.The war against Felblade kept going, the Chieftess and her first officer grew sick of waiting for the next attack and relying on a pure defense. While it's easy to defend, the clan won't hold for too long if their army is endless. The last news were about some place called 'Shadowlands' and everyone actually going there and living to tell, which opens a door to many, many possibilities but the one that really matters: The opportunity of fighting and defeating Felblade in his own game.With little warning, Myr and Jerr'uuk crossed the portal to the unknown and a day later, only Jerr'uuk can be seen in the stronghold. Gun'drash Moltenhide was absent for the last weeks, bringing resources, hoping to create new weapons and maybe find some help with enchantment or magical abilities to be put on those, bringing back most of it, Thorium metal, one of the most, if not the most, hard and tough metal on Azeroth and some other resources traded along the way to the North, leather, fangs, bones and fur. He is now approaching the Stronghold, ready to craft other weapons and armor to reinforce the Clan.

The clan has been getting attacked, harassed and raided for months now by what has come to light as the dead AU counterpart to Jerr'uuk. He, before the expansion dropped, used the merging of the deadlands and living world in Icecrown to launch raids on our clan's hold in the hopes of killing us and swelling his ranks with worthy, proper orcs, essentially creating his own House and keeping it quality over quantity unlike, say, the House of Constructs. Once the war effort is enough in the Prime Loyalists' favor, she has given her word to assist with everything at her disposal in bringing down the upstart and unofficial 'House of Embers,' who has gone almost utterly silent since the Ebon Blade forced their way into the Maw and the living now spread around the Shadowlands.

"The cube has been deciphered, thanks in no small part to the helpful peon ancestor that's so graciously begun to assist us. Plans are revealed, at least according to what this object states, that show a horrific grand scheme: Felblade, Margrave of the House of Embers, is attempting to transform himself into a diabolical lich by using the souls of every last orc he has under his command, his own descendants included! The experiments done by the renegades of the House of Plagues were to figure out a way to combine multiple souls into a physical form without the need of flesh and bone, for them, the proxy being ooze. They succeeded, obviously, and the information in the cube has been sent to other cubes to be deciphered. These cubes must be obtained and destroyed before any of them can reach those that Felblade has entrusted to work on his ascension to lichdom. The cube that is most immediately known, according to the reports of Prime-loyal remnants of the House of Eyes, is in the possession of an unknown yet high-ranked lich in the House of Rituals, one Raath’dren Shadowheart. The Ironwolves are to infiltrate the House of Rituals via a one-way portal, find and put down Raath’dren, and find the cube most importantly. A small glass vial will be given once everyone is through the portal, with instructions to smash it open once the orcs need an escape route. Steel yourselves, pack. We will see that this mission is done with our usual finesse and ferocity. Strike hard, strike fast, and things will go smoothly. With honor, clansmen." -Jerr'uuk Flamefang, Ghor'kosh of Clan Ironwolf