The day has been won

After pursuing the trail of Darnassian swearing into a large new chunk of wood, our band of acquaintances marched bravely into a trap. After bravely being tackled by a half spider, half druid WrathCaster, the clan progressed further into enemy territory to find said WrathCaster was actually the Wayward Keeper!

Upon kicking his deer-shaped ass while fending off yet more spiders, it was revealed that the trees around them were the legs of A GIANT ENEMY SPIDER! Eventually, the Keeper's wounds took their toll on him, and his concentration slipped. Up until that point, he had been channeling magic to keep the artificial spider alive.

Last you saw him, the Keeper had a massive gash from nipple to nipple, and a hole where his belly button should be. Of course, you didn't get a very good look because the goliath spider was collapsing with you on top and underneath it.


Interestingly, there seems to be an attempt at a peace conference with alliance diplomats occurring next week...

The Ironwolf Clan has not been invited to attend the conference.

In fact, it has been strictly banned for any party other than the delegates to go.


----For all to see from this day forth, the head of one of the night elves that have threatened our home for the past two months is nailed above the gate to our hold. A warning written in its own blood reads thusly: "Last Warning"------


A message from Rexxar himself turned out to be a ruse, with enemies impersonating Ironwolf's animal companions! A shapeshifter's corpse lead the Ironwolf Clan to the Bitter Reaches Peace Summit to halt an ambush. Upon disarming a muffling runestone, a hostage revealed that the invaders had sent an imposter into the summit to sow further discord!

Rushing into the fray with nothing but their weapons and a barrel of dwarven ale, our Wolves disarmed the escalating conference with dignity and grace...Until someone got stabbed.

Shortly after said stabbing, it was revealed that it was none other than the Wayward Keeper impersonating the Stormwind Delegate! He was not prepared for intense combat, and immediately fled the scene via a charmed Whale-Shark! Two major things were gained from this outing.

One, peace was maintained, and two, the general location of the enemy's base. Felwood.

Also a frail human mage was kidnapped to teach Garg magic tricks.


Felwood is where they took the Ironwolves' Pups to in an attempt to 'reeducate' them, with hostages revealing that the same fate awaited the sapient beings captured as well.

The offensive begins.

The attacking force is gathering at the entrance to Felwood south of the Emerald Sanctuary, where you can see the grass change from the vibrant green of Ashenvale to the sickly corrupted color of Felwood.

The attack on the Keeper's Reeducation Camp (KRC) was a success! In addition to recovering the young wolves, the clan has also added a nightsaber and a large pack kodo to their stables! With the camp deep in Felwood, the Ironwolves have a prime forward base to strike from.

But where to strike at?

Gun'drash Moltenhide & Garg have been hard at work with their torture interrogation of the captive human. From his weak lungs, they have pried two words: Frostwhisper Gorge. The clan's advance scouts have confirmed the location, and have found a quick and unnoticable route directly there.

The day has been won.

The forces of the Wayward Keeper Bramblend have been dismantled or destroyed in a climactic final attack from the Ironwolf Clan! Having found their primary base, a quick & decisive strike was struck like a swooping eagle.

Many dwarves and gnomes were killed in retribution for their crimes. With our "borrowed" firepower the battle was short and explosive. Until the explosions exploded back.

The enemy forces had been hiding an overclocked azerite war machine! A grand battle shortly ensued, with the only survivor being a radio. Also our war party was relatively unscathed.

After fighting their way up the cliffs of Frostwhisper and burning down an ancient of wind, Ironwolf finally came face to face with the Keeper. The final deathmatch was brutal and bloody, with thorns, blades and magic replacing words in a terrible discourse. The full might of both sides was called upon, with the Keeper drawing so much from nature that the spirits of the wilds revealed their condemnation of his chosen path. His faith in nature's righteousness erased, Keeper Bramblend revealed himself as Ex-Archdruid Brambdon Enderlan, a Gilnean born human, filled with nothing but hatred and vitriol.

He was granted a warrior's death, more than he deserved.