Updates. Many Updates. Now Handle it!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Throm'ka Ironwolves! This is a list of every new thing we're changing in the clan, for those who have been members for a long time, you're the ones who should check at least the first part, since it affects you specially.

New Rank system

We used to have a straight line when it comes to our ranks, starting with "Pups" or "Hopefuls", then Howlers, Ironbounds and Wolf Riders. Beyond that we had the Fang Council for the Shamans and Wolf Masters, both of them Officers.

Let me announce you. It's all gone now.

I always understood there are higher ranks than others, but we can't compare an Honorable strong warrior with a Healer who keeps the raid alive. Their personal achievements are way different from each other and that also means it is not fair to share their ranks.

After a lot of work with the Officers and veterans, we fixed the problem. Here is a scheme of the new Ranking system.

Deal with my chicken scratch. Me orc. What do you expect from me?!

Here's the link to the Ranks, (will open in new tab) where everything is explained with more details and also the meaning of every orcish word.

For our veteran members:

Ironbounds: You will choose which path you want to follow for your character. Ironbounds will be set as Garn'osh, Wo'ragh or Krol'kosh depending on what your character would choose. You all need to tell either the Chief or Officers and we will promote you to the new rank.

Those who don't say anything will get automatically changed to either one of the three or demoted to Howler. I'm not here to deal with AFK's, warning now because I won't hear cries later. If for some reason someone can't come online, an @ on discord will do the job but at least say something.

Grunts of the Clan: Our grunts have become an important part of the Ironwolf, for OOC reasons, I can't give them a special rank, they will stay as proven members (Howlers) and their grunt label in their tooltip. Other titles given, such as 'Overseer', 'Sergeant' etc. will also be added in their tooltip and acknowledged as an In-character title.

Jobs and roles

Iron Will. The Clan’s Ghor’kosh, Kogh’osh and Ka’ragh make up the Elite. They have passed all of their trials and have earned the right to bear one of these titles. The Iron Metal they wear has been blessed by the pantheon of spirits and the elements themselves.

The Elite of the Clan, seen as leaders to look up to.

  • Ghor’kosh

Blood/Stone Guards, Overseers, Siegebreaker/Linebreaker

  • Kal’ragh

Beastmasters, Wild Guards, Shadowsworn/Tactician

  • Kogh’osh

Speakers, Sages, Ritesmasters

Other titles:

As a reward, we have other titles to give, such as Den Mother, Champion or Kor'kron. Those are special rewards, not easily given, some of them like the Kor'kron would be for higher ranks while the Champion can be given to anyone.

Events will lead us to do unexpected, incredible stuff, when that happens, special rewards are given, sometimes it's a crafting material, a piece of armor, a weapon or even a Last name!

Ceremonial Armor

Our clan has been always encouraged to get a 'resting' set for times or peace or ceremonies, now you are more than just "encouraged". Details will come In-Character but I suggest everyone to start looking for a 'cool set', doesn't matter if they're pieces you already have or just a mogit. This will save some time.

Other stuff

More updates are coming up soon, as soon as the Roleplay allow us. There. I've said it. You.are.not.prepared!