Welcoming the new ones... And pigs

The clan realized the ancestors don't seem to listen to them, for that reason they were sent to Felwood to find some purple lotus and hopefully help Aizaki to perform a more powerful ritual.

Gargorath Irontooth, Morwark and Goriv Steeleye formed a team and went all together to hunt that herb, not wanting to spend too much time in that ill environment they went straight to find the herbs and some Shimmercap, order from the Chieftess.

Relying on stealth, traps and other hunting techniques they avoided most of the threats in the forest and the toxic river, to eventually go back to the stronghold safe and sound.

Back in the camp, they handed Aizaki the Purple lotus, already half crushed, since they proved to not be the best at picking flowers. However they successfully did their task and brought them home as is was requested.

Aizaki recognized the flowers, admitted to be a bit too strong, but would still be able to handle the effects. This flower would be perfect to have a better view of the ancestors, or whoever was blocking their communications.

Right after giving Aizaki the flowers, the Ironwolves spotted some lost peon wandering around the stronghold, someone who didn't even realize they were trying to talk with him. Urkkoz, a small green orc 'armed' with a pitchfork and a stick who didn't know where he was.

Still confused, he talked to the clan, admitting to end up there because he was looking for pig food and ended up following a spider. The mention of the spiders was something concerning but they left it for another time. As soon as he realized he had found an orcish clan that would be able to give him protection and a more 'peaceful' life if that exists, he quickly wanted to join, but he had to take the pigs with him.

Having pigs in the stronghold, doesn't sound that bad, we can kill one from time to time and have a good feast. Having nothing against it, they went to pick up the pigs after Aizaki performed the ritual.

It was a nice walk from Ashenvale to Durotar and thankfully nobody attacked them, it gave them time to talk about some stuff, discuss what they had seen and enjoy the sunlight for a while. Well, everyone but Aizaki who was still high due to the effects of the purple lotus.

Urkkoz can't seem to say anyone's name properly, so for the rest of the day they were Aizaqui, Nirshamy Chief and Mobcrab.

After walking all the way to Durotar and on the way back they reached the river, where some pigs could get through it thanks to Aizaki. Sadly one of them freaked out half way and ended up drowning and getting attacked by piranhas. Right before they could think of any way to find that pig, Aizaki got a great idea. Why not fish it?

And she did. After a few attempts fishing only junk, she got the pig, literally fishing dinner. Urkkoz made sure the poor thing was dead and they carried it on his shoulder all the way back to the hold.

They might not have talked with the ancestors this day, but they met a new friend and now their peons are in the process of building a decent farm in the courtyard.