"What the hell is Maldraxxus?"

The news of the grunts had been disturbing to say the least. Her own mate plotting to take over the clan? With an army of the dead no less? And what the hell is a Maldraxxus? Poor Myr had just had Jerr'uuk come to her all sweet and sorry, and now he’s trying to kill them all.

Some husband he’s gonna be. Not an hour later does Torak come swaggering in, an elven top hat on his head and thick goblin sunglasses on his face. He seems happy, as he’s grinning wide. "Chieftess! We got him! Come see!" And just like that he bolts back out, laughing and yelling for the other grunts to kick him again.

She turns to him and squints. "What in the actual fel?" Of course it had to be Torak. Unsure of what to think about it, if everything was a prank, she would be really, -really- mad. She follows the grunt, sighing "Ah shit... here we go again." But deep down hoping her mate is okay, even if that means he's going to sleep with the worgs and be demoted to peon for a week

Outside, the scene was a mess. A mob of green and brown, all jeering and yelling insults, a tiny recess in the middle where Mal’okko was yelling his head off trying to restore order and take Jerr’uuk to Myr. When one of the grunts pushes him to try and get a shot at her mate, the good sergeant head butts him hard enough to knock him on his ass, and with that does the orc sea part. He puts Jerr’uuk over his shoulder and screams for them all to move, and they do, the tired Dustbone trudging towards her with an unconscious Blademaster over his shoulder.

Myr can barely hear or see anything over the crowd. The whole scene is unbelievable, Naz'arg who is also present with everyone else has a really gloomy look on her face, almost hiding from the front line and the sight of Jerr'uuk unconscious on Mal'okko's shoulder makes Myr want to throw up. But she doesn't. Her presence had made everyone shut up in some awkward silence. She tries to keep calm, take a deep breath and wordlessly gestures Mal'okko to get in one of the towers.

That tower wasn't going to be for the scouts anymore. She walks behind the Sergeant, with a couple more grunts 'escorting' them.

Once again Jorrog is unhappily following alongside his Chieftess, this time because he really just wanted to go and make out with Naz’arg again while no one was watching. But he sighed and walked behind the rest, gun at the ready. The walk wasn’t long but it wasn’t fast, time seeming to drag on and on. Finally they arrive, and Mal’okko barks for everyone to remain outside. He, Myr and her mate go inside, and he tosses Jerr’uuk onto a cot, getting a groan from the blademaster as the sergeant locks the door. He crosses his arms and looks at Myr, awaiting her orders.

She looks at the locked door and then at Mal'okko. She hasn't had such a serious look on her face for a long, long time. She's not on her armor, not wearing the creepy worg skull, but her eyes said everything. After a couple seconds staring at the Sergeant, she finally speaks. "I do hope you have a good reason and a solid proof he's betraying the clan."

He nods, putting his helmet on his waist and grunting as he looks down at him. "Those things that came earlier, the death knights or whatever they were, they said Jerr’uuk sent them, led them. Said we’d all join his clan either willingly or as slaves like they did to Hekkak and Chor’do. Killed them I think, raised them for sure and took their bodies with them. Never seen anything like it, but I was on watch when it happened and I heard everything. No confusing it, ma’am, they said his name." Jerr’uuk still smells vaguely of sausage and meat, at least some proof that he really was getting her food.

Myr grunts and leans on the wall, stabbing her smaller sword -the only one she's carrying- on the ground. Can't stop looking at her mate, still half confused and... disappointed if everything she has been told is true. "Jerr'uuk sent death knights to kill his own clan and force them to fight in... what was that place again?"

He shrugs. "Maldraxxus, they said. Never heard of the place, though it kinda sounds like Naxxramas, and I don’t like that." He looks back to her. "I don’t wanna believe them, but knowin’ what he was..." He sighs, rubbing his forehead. "I don’t know, Myr."

She nods and pats him on the shoulder "Hey. Why haven't you told me before... anything? Also... it probably wasn't easy to..." looks at Jerr'uuk "Do this to him"

He grunts. "I’m not the one who tied him up or beat his ass, thank Torak and his boys for that, didn’t tell them to either, just to capture him."

She sighs "You guys went straight to capture him, maybe I wanted to demand explanations instead of... making all this scene. But it's done. And I'm going to demand explanations anyway." She turns to the Sergeant. "Good job, Dustbone. I hope... ... I hope his past isn't back. I hope I don't have to-- fucking torture him for answers. Oh ancestors..." She looks down "I want all of this to be... nothing." Raises her head again. "Stay with me until he wakes up. We're going to get answers."

He lets her speak, just nodding at the end. "Of course. Curiosity aside, if he is evil... well, can’t leave you alone in here with him, after all."


Jerr’uuk groans suddenly, clutching his head with his hands and curling up into a ball. He has bruises all over his body, a busted lip, what will be a black eye and what looks like a knife wound in his leg through the armored kilt he was wearing.

She quickly turns to him and takes a step towards him, won't let him 'fall back asleep'. She grunts loudly with her arms folded under her chest "Jerr'uuk. Wake up. This isn't time to sleep"

He cringes, pain seeming to drown out whatever it was she said. He puts his hands over his head as if expecting and incoming beating. "Didn’t... didn’t do anything... shopping... Myr..."

The whole situation is heartbreaking, she sighs, now more sad than anything else and sits down next to him,with her hand rubbing his forearm. "We're not going to do anything to you. But this is your chance to explain yourself. W-what is going on? I want to hear your version."

He flinches at her touch, but recognizes the voice, and looks up from his hands. His mouth is bloody, eye is swollen already and he looks like he’s shed some tears of pain. He sits up slowly, hissing and coughing in agony until he leans onto her for support, unable to support himself at the moment. "I don’t- don’t know... just came back from the city with food-" A cough. "-food for you."

"They said I was going to kill everyone, or make them slaves. What happened...?" He gets woozy again, sliding down her until he’s sideways in her lap, nonstop moaning in pain.

She let him get as comfortable as he can on her lap and according to the smell, he's telling the truth. She looks at Mal'okko for a second and then back to her mate, trying to comfort him if that's even possible. "I heard it. We all heard it. Haven't seen anything, they say they were death knight or something, they said your name, and claimed you sent them. That's what started all of this. Who are they?"

Mal’okko just shrugs. Jerr’uuk shakes his head a few times. "I don’t know any Blades it Ash... sounds like something I’d make, though. I wasn’t lying about just asking for information, I don’t know what’s going on, Myrshani." He looks up at her, more pitiful than he’s ever looked as long as she’s known him. Mal’okko grunts. "He made me think something. Those ones in armor, they didn’t seem like any armor any Death Knight ive ever seen wore. All colorful and shit, I don’t know, Chieftess. This is strange, all of it is strange."

She sighs "I know it is strange. But what makes it stranger is what they claimed. And I really want to believe you but what kind of people have you been talking with? How... How do these ones know you. They gave us... a week. And then, they will attack." She quickly glances to both of them "We will have no more answers until then, and by the time they come... they will be eager to drink our blood."