Disobeying guild rules can result in demotions or even being removed from the guild!

In-Character rules will be explained In-Character whenever a new person joins -or attempts- to join.

Out of Character rules

  • Only Orcs. No matter if it’s a Greenskin or Mag’har.

  • Only +18 players.

  • Keep In-Character stuff, In-Character. Mixing IC and OOC will only lead to misunderstandings and issues with other guildies. And nobody likes dramas, right?

  • Before contacting us, keep in mind a militaristic clan of orcs with strong beliefs in the elements and Nature will dislike undead and fel users. Attempting to join with a Death knight or a Warlock could get that person’s entrance denied unless there’s a strong reason to accept or the player is very confident to persuade the clan.

  • RPPVP will happen as long as both players agree. That includes all kind of actions that could injure or kill other player’s character. It also applies to Mak’rogahn and Mak’gora.

  • Any kind of harassment to other players OOCly, due to gender, race, religion or any other reason will lead to a insta-ban. We’re LGBT+ friendly and mature. The whole point of roleplaying is to have fun. It’s a very obvious point, but it must be here.

  • Respect the Chain of Command. OOC orders from a higher ranking member must be followed. If two members of the clan give you contradictory orders you must follow the orders of the higher ranking member. If both members are the same you shall follow the new order.

  • Keep sexual talk and political/religious talks out of the guild. Do it on your own time.

  • We use Discord for better communication and our DM/IC Rules. It is not required to join Voice chat, but everyone must join the server.