Garn's Heart

All orcs are naturally attuned to the world around them, and each Ironwolf is no different, however, some orcs dedicate their lives to the spirits and ancestors. Disciplined speakers, medicine men and chroniclers who ensure the overall health of the clan through body and mind. Wise spiritualists of the clan who offer guidance where needed, whether by word of mouth or through the fury of storm, earth and fire.


Spirit Guard

Speakers, Sages, Ritesmasters, Mystics... Kogh'osh are our eyes and ears in the darkest times, past and future.

The best mystics of the clan, who form what we used to call "Fang council" these are the ones to guide, to summon and commune with the elements, the ancestors and the spirits. Some Kogh'osh have the knowledge to run rites like the Om'Riggor.