Located in Ashenvale. Warsong Lumber Camp

It's the entrance to our Stronghold. We meet here all the new recruits who heard about us and wish to join, people who RP other races and everyone who doesn't belog to this clan in general.


This stronghold is where 'our Ironwolves live' so breaking in with a character who is willing to be friendly towards the clan is usually a bad starting.


The officer's building

The Garrison is the largest building in the Ironwolf Stronghold.

The Chieftain spends their time here, and doesn't want to be interrupted. The halls are silent and dark, illuminated by just a couple torches. Must stay that way.

It is where we have our armory, our trade goods, our meetings, and every other event of the utmost importance. I would not suggest fooling around in this building. You should have a reason or permission to enter it.

Members of the clan who are fully aware of the rules and enter without permission will be accused of treason.


A place of peace.

The healing hut is inside of the Stronghold, and it's the second hut past the gates.

A small place where our members get healed by shamans and other orcs with skills in medicine. Severely injured orcs will also stay in this place until they recover their strength.

The healing hut is also a storage for medicines and herbs, so that's how it smells, usually peacebloom.

Other items can be found, such as carved bones, tusks and scrolls with orcish runes in them.


The place to spend the nights

Barracks are open for all members, and they're outside the gates.

This is where members leave their belongings, where we Ironwolves spend our time outside of all the muck. We sleep, eat, drink, and mate here. If that's what you're into.


While unwinding here, please remember to be respectful of the other Ironwolves also unwinding.


For the orc's best friends.

Our wolf mounts are our best companions and they deserve to be treated well.

The Chieftain knows you have a cherished relationship with your mount(s) but please leave them here and they will be taken the best care of possible.

They can go elsewhere, but there is no excuse for having ridiculous mounts throughout our Hold.


We call it forge, for short.

The Work station is exactly what it sounds like. Whether doing work for the Clan, or doing your own profession, all professions must be done at this site. We don't need Grug Hammerbutt banging his armor in the Barracks.

Our overseer is a bit grumpy, don't make a mess in the Work Station, or he will yell. Very loud.