Mok'ra Howler! If you're here is because you already chose to become a real warrior of the clan, a Krol'Kosh or maybe you're still hesitating and looking for answers.


Sons of the Blade

They are Den guards, Foremen, Raiders under the strict command of the Chieftain or the Chieftain's Hand. Purely militaristic, Krol'kosh are honorable and reliable solldiers who protect all members of the clan, those who defend our gates, those who will not hesitate on spilling blood. Krol'Kosh have The Iron will.


Duelist's axe

Orcs are natural born fighters, and each Ironwolf is no different, however, some orcs dedicate their lives to the art of war. Axe, hammer, sword, shield or spear. Relying on heavy armor or the protection of their own hides, these orcs make up the majority of the Ironwolf frontline on the battlefield. From honorable tactician to brutish axe-fiend, they are the backbone of the clan.

They're Blood/Stone Guards, Overseers, Siegebreaker/Linebreaker, the first who are called when the war drums are heard in the distance.